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Discover the research that most cancer patients don't know about that will change your life

As a cancer patient you need a plan. Oncologists agree that diet and lifestyle play a key role in your fight against cancer, but most oncologists don’t have the time to discuss all the lifestyle and nutritional aspects with each patient. There is a lot of information on the internet these days, but how do you know what information applies to you? How do you sort the hype from the facts? You could read the research, but that takes years of knowledge and expertise.

Cancer decoded is a complete recipe and research based cancer care approach that covers all the aspects you need to add to your treatment to beat or prevent cancer – all backed by scientific research.

Download your complete Cancer Care Plan with simple to use recipes today and start making the changes you need to beat cancer.


My name is Brigitta. I come from a family of pharmacists, doctors and nurses. I chose to become a qualified attorney but soon realized that defending criminals was not what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to help people like the rest of my family. I gave up law to start a natural health practice.

But as a lawyer I was taught to thoroughly research my cases and this meant that when I began my practice as an alternative healer, I would spend a lot of my time researching my clients diseases. I couldn’t believe the research that was available on cancer! Why were people not being told about this research? It was inconceivable that my clients did not know about these life changing studies.

I began a database of the research. I gave my clients the “cheat sheet” versions along with delicious recipes so they could put this incredible information into practice. I was amazed at the difference in their lives and their treatment.

I am not going to tell you that there is a conspiracy and that big pharma and oncologists are hiding this information. The fact is that this research is out there for anyone to find if you are willing to spend the time, know where to look and understand how to read the studies. So why don’t you know about these studies? The truth is that no one makes a profit from these simple changes and ingredients. Although most of them are in your home right now, it doesn’t pay big pharma or other companies to share this information. In fact, companies would lose billions of dollars advertising them.

Here is some examples of the research you will receive in our ready to use cheat sheets:

For Breast Cancer Patients:

  • In a ground breaking study, when this simple lifestyle change was overlooked, cancer tumors that developed were more aggressive, the grew twice as fast and they spread twice as quickly but when patients made this simple change, their tumors were less deadly, they grew less rapidly and they didn’t spread as much.
  • In another study, this small dietary addition – one which you most likely have in your kitchen right now – reduced death rates and recurrence of breast cancer. So by adding this to your diet you have less chance of dying and less chance of cancer coming back in the future.
  • This simple ingredient in clinical trials improved the efficacy of chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer patients, it reduced side effects experienced and it protected healthy cells from poisonous effects of chemotherapy.

For Prostate Cancer Patients:

  • Discover the common ingredient that slowed the growth and spread of prostate cancer by 59% and increased survival rates in prostate cancer patients.
  • Read about the simple daily beverage that helped prostate cancer patients limit PSA rise to 14.7% vs 78.5% PSA rise in the group who did drink this beverage.
  • Find out which amazing ingredient that slowed prostate cancer growth so much that it took 54 months for PSA to double versus 15 months for prostate cancer patients who did not include this ingredient in their daily diet.  

These are just a small sample of the studies that will change your life.

Cancer Decoded will show you will how certain aspects, lifestyle habits, supplements and foods can:

  • Reduce death rates - based on real clinical studies.
  • Reduce your chances of recurrence - based on scientific research done over a 5 year period!
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Reduce the symptoms and side effects you experience.

The above is based on real scientific evidence that I will share with you. I will also be available on the forum for any questions or queries you may have. If you need help I am here to answer your questions and even research topics on your behalf!

I have prepared simple to use cheat sheets you can download immediately, so that you can start taking advantage of the research today. The cheat sheets tell you what to do, what to adjust and even how much to add to your diet. They specify what you should avoid and what therapies and strategies have been shown to be best for your type of cancer.

And most of these simple lifestyle changes, foods and supplements can safely be used irrespective of whether you are on chemotherapy, radiation or due for surgery. In fact, a lot of them actually help to reduce the unwanted side effects of these treatments and actually make these treatments more effective!

I give you the research and simplified versions of the studies so that you can avoid the hype, get answers you can use and get to the bottom of what really works - quickly and easily.

Once you have taken the first steps and made simple changes and you begin to see results then you also have the option to learn more about how your body and cancer really works.

Our simple cancer videos will show you what role your immune system plays in your fight against cancer. You will understand how inflammation creates cancer and then helps the cancer grow and spread. You will know what to do about all the other aspects that affect or cause cancer. These videos will teach about all the factors that affect cancer in the long term, so you can really understand what is causing cancer in your particular case and create a cancer free life in the future.

So when you buy Cancer Decoded you get:

  • A complete cancer care plan with ready to use, delicious recipes and simple lifesstyle changes you can use to make changes immediately.
  • Videos to teach you about the basics of cancer
  • Easy research for your specific cancer type so that you can make decisions based on sound scientific research quickly and easily.
  • Access to me via the forum for any addition questions or queries you may have.

And when you purchase you will receive these bonuses:

  • Free access to The Ongoing Cancer Library with information and PDF's on over 30 different powerful cancer fighting foods. Learn when and how to use them and easily add them to your diet. Access recipes and ideas on how to add these powerful foods to your ongoing cancer care plan. Read the latest research and learn how you can harness the power of these foods to help you on your journey to health and wellbeing. 
  • Access to The Ongoing Cancer Library with all the simplified research on 12 different vitamins and supplements, when to use them and what they are used for. You will have the power to make informed choices about your care. We keep you up to date with the latest studies and research so you can make the best decisions about your health and cancer care plan.

Access to The Ongoing Cancer Library with information on a variety of different alternative cancer strategies. Learn about Vitamin B17, Gerson, Graviola, Baking Soda, Iscador, Hydrazine sulfate and the other alternatives to give you the tools to make your own informed decisions. Learn which strategies can be used in conjunction with other therapies like chemotherapy


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